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So many things can influence what you think as a child. As an adult, have you ever looked back and wondered who you were as a child? Did you have a talent? And if so, did you use it? Inspiring our kids is as important as educating them!

Talent has little value without patience and persistence. How do we help kids recognise their talents, and more importantly, how do we equip them with a mindset that allows them to effortlessly achieve their full potential?

Your Story by Inicio Albums provides a tangible way to capture your child's story year-by-year using age-appropriate prompts and quotes. The prompts and quotes have been carefully selected to reinforce positive messages and encourage aspirations - inspiring kids to be their best.

These albums make a unique and lasting gift that your child will cherish. Why not surprise your child as they begin their school journey or create a special graduation gift for their last day of school? They can also be a great Christening gift. We all have a unique story, and knowing this story will bring meaning and self-awareness to your child as they become who they choose to be


These post-screw albums allow you to capture all of the childhood years in one place. Each album comes assembled with 14 sleeves and 14 display pages (40cm x28cm) in an attractive storage box (weighs 4 kg including box), along with our book of Labels, Quotes and Memory Prompts (250 to choose from). The assembled sleeves and pages are 300gms, are plastic coated and come in either white or black.

We recommend spending 30 - 60 minutes once a year deciding what you want to keep in each sleeve for that school year, highlighting a positive trait by displaying it on the display page, along with a class photo or a sporting team photo and one age-appropriate quote.  

Alternatively, you can upload your images and text and have a display page printed each year for you to insert into your album (170gsm Sovereign Silk).  See our sample display pages which can be downloaded to give you some ideas.                    


1. Decide the type of cover you would like

2. Select white or black sleeves and display pages

3. Place your order or schedule a call or chat to discuss how I might be able to help.

Each album comes with a complimentary permanent marking pen and double-sided tape, so there is no need to purchase anything more. We also offer a full money back guarantee (see T&Cs).

If you would like help getting started, call me for a free 15 minute chat to discuss further. I would love to be of assistance.

You are only limited by your imagination (or mine)! Start inspiring your child today.



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