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Self-awareness 1

How we empower kids with self-awareness

A series of books I recently read talks about the fact that our education systems often fail to teach “wisdom”. I distinctly remember thinking when I was about 30-years of age, “If only I had the benefit of the wisdom accumulated at age 30 when I was much younger.” Surprisingly, I find myself thinking the…

Memories 1

How to make our memories more tangible?

I love listening to people recall memories from their childhoods. Their memories are a bit of nostalgia, a feel-good recall of their favourite meal or teacher and so on. However, memories are much more than this. Interestingly, when I surveyed people in my local shopping centre about what they do with all the images they…

Becoming 1

Becoming – What I am going to be!

An on-line course I recently undertook [1] says that the important question is not really “Who am I?”, but rather “Who am I becoming?” While there might be merit in better knowing who we are (along the Shakespearean lines of “Know thyself” or “To thine ownself be true”), the latter is a healthier question to…

Narratives 1

How we reminisce affects our kids’ narratives

Interestingly, research into the way kids remember shows us that the way parents reminisce affects their child’s memory. Heather Turgeon notes that in the preschool years, children start to be able to put together narratives – thinking about the world in terms of who, what, when, where and how all these things fit together, which…

Humour for kids 1

Humour for kids – 10 Funny Christmas jokes

Being able to tell a good joke is a skill I admire. Start early and teach your kids this important, but often under-rated skill of getting others to laugh. Here are a few good, or what some would say are corny, jokes for you to teach your kids to share with their “rellies and friends”…

Motivation 1

Encouraging high performance through motivation

While it is probably premature to talk about “high performance” for younger children, it is a concept that becomes more evident for parents of teenagers, especially as they near the end of their school years. However, the importance of instilling behaviours in the very early years is now well recognised. So what does the research…

Parenting Style 1

Being fully present with our kids

Parenting style is such an individual thing. I think we all know what being fully present with our kids looks like. The question more is what we need to do to make it a habit that we ensure surfaces enough and at the right times. But just to start with a picture of what it…

Character 1

How can we teach our kids courage?

Building character in our kids will give them the resilience to handle life’s ups as well as its downs. One important character trait is courage. Let’s start by saying what we understand by courage. A speech by a past principal at one of my children’s schools explained it this way: “Courage is not about a…

Identity 1

Identity and Memories

Have you ever stopped to think about what your favourite childhood memory is? Trying to remember and land on a “favourite memory” from childhood is a big ask – much harder than remembering a favourite movie or a favourite teacher, because our memories are so diverse. Do we need to stop and determine some criteria…

Well-being in kids 1

More than "just memories"

Well-being in kids is something we are talking about more and more. A recent survey we undertook revealed that 4 our of 10 people only post to Facebook or Instagram, while 3 out of 10 do nothing with their digital photos at all. Should this be a cause for concern? Or put slightly differently, are…

Creative 1

Creative spark – how to light this in our kids?

How do we ignite that creative spark in our kids that is so important for them to reach their potential? A favourite blogger of mine, Eric Barker, looks at the research behind How to be a Better Parent. To make your kids more ethical and successful, he turns to Adam Grant, the youngest tenured professor…

Reflection 1

Reflection allows kids to connecting the dots

What does it means to be successful in today’s world? Having achieved enormous business success only to then experience burnout, Ariana Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post before it was sold to AOL Inc. in 2011, reflects on this question in her 2014 book, Thrive. She uses her own challenges and learnings to…


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