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Happiness 1

A Recipe for Happiness in Kids

When I talk to parents, most say what they want most is to just have happy kids. Tal Ben-Shahar, a Harvard University lecturer and best-selling author on this topic tells us that if we combine “pleasure” with “meaning/purpose” we get “happiness”. However, unlike other ingredients, we can’t just buy these off the shelf. Where can…

Gift 1

25 things that you might want to keep for your kids

Throughout my kid’s childhood years, I remember receiving so many gifts that really did not get put to good use. These albums could make a unique gift for someone having a baby, a Christening, starting school or graduating from school. One good thing about the Inicio Album is that it did force me to be…


Value kids’ small achievements

Have you ever thought about what makes us feel good about ourselves? Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference, like receiving recognition for good work or lending a helping hand to someone. So how can we use this to help our kids feel good about themselves? I think part of the answer is…


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