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We’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions below to help answer any concerns you may have. If you’re query isn’t listed below, feel free to contact us directly.

What colours can I choose from?

Personalised or Customised Albums come in your colour choice. School Albums typically use the school's traditional colours. Ready-made albums are as they appear on the website. The Photo-Inlay albums come in black or white with silver trims. Finally, the inside sleeves and pockets come in white or black. 

What size do the albums come in?

At this stage all albums are the same size - 40cm x 28cm. This is so that school class photos and certificates can easily fit on the display pages and in the sleeves.

How should I care for my album?

Albums should be kept out of direct sunlight. Albums can be wiped clean if required as they are all laminated. I actually store my children’s albums in their box, but this is not necessary.

Can I purchase additional pockets or display pages?

Yes you can. Each album comes assembled with 14 pockets and 14 display pages. You can order your additional pocket(s) for $5 each and display pages (4 for $10) plus postage.

Do I need to purchase the Labels, Quotes and Memory Prompts?

These are an optional extra. They are there to prompt you about how you might like to capture your child's story (e.g. by age, by year level etc) and what things they might like to focus on each year. 

Where can I get my name engraved on the name plaque?

We can arrange to have your plaque engraved for you for a small additional cost. Alternatively,  jewellers or key cutting businesses usually provide engraving services.

How long will delivery of my album take?

This will depend on the type of album you purchase and how many are in stock. While we  can usually deliver our Albums with Ready-Made Covers or Albums with Photo-Inlay Covers within a week, Albums with Personalised Covers or Albums with Customised Covers take longer due to the number of steps involved in the overall process. Allow up to 3 months from beginning to end. Albums with School Covers can be delivered more quickly where they are in stock. Please contact us to confirm likely timing before ordering. We will also email you to let you know how your order is progressing. Please plan ahead and at a minimum, allow 28 days for customised or personalised albums. Overseas delivery can take an additional 3-4 days on top of the normal delivery times.

Can I refund my album?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, Inicio Albums will refund the full cost of your album within 28 days of you receiving your purchase.

Where can you deliver to?

Inicio Albums can deliver albums anywhere within Australia and internationally.

How do I detach the signature pocket from the album?

The great thing about the post-screw albums are that they can easily be unscrewed to remove the pocket or display page.

Are albums sent via registered post?

Inicio Albums use Fastway to deliver albums within Australia. Each delivery is registered and able to be tracked.

What is foiling?

Foiling is a commercial printing process that applies a silver foil on to the cover. This foiling comes in one of two fonts. For girls we recommend Coronet Bold and for boys we recommend Garamond.

How many years can one album cover?

All the albums come with 14 pockets and 14 display pages. Based on the Australian school system, this would cover the 13 years of prep and school, with one additional pocket. The additional pocket could cover “the early years” which would be anything before school, or alternatively, it could be a signature pocket for collecting friends’ farewell messages on the last day of school. The Labels, Quotes and Memory Prompts cover the ages from birth to 18. Therefore, if you like to keep quite a bit, I’ve found that it works best to have an album covering birth to year 6 and a separate albums covering year 7 to year 12 plus a signature pocket. The preprinted B&W pockets are designed for the school years, so they are best for children 4 and over.

How do you take into account different terminology for different school systems?

For the blank pockets, the Labels, Quotes and Memory Prompts provide a range of labels covering all of the various terminology for the early primary years of education. We also have age levels and you could also write or create your own labels if desired. For the B&W pre-printed pockets, we provide a set of school year labels for your school system for all states/countries. We can tell from your address what labels you will require.

Do I need to purchase anything else with my album?

The albums all come with complimentary double-sided sticky tape and a permanent marking pen. Do make sure you use the permanent marking pen, as the pockets are plastic-coated. If you happen to make a mistake, use a little methylated spirits or nail polish remover to rub-off the error and start again. The only other item I would recommend using is a “Cutterpede”, which is a ruled base and cutter slide to cut photos and paper evenly and quickly. These can be purchased at art and craft stores.

Can I pay by direct transfer?

You may pay by direct transfer.

For customers in Australia, the account name is Inicio Albums (BSB 064011  Account No. 10292363). For overseas customers, International Money Transfers will require the swift code (CTBAAU2S) Account 06401110292363 (14 digits) and the account name (Inicio Albums).

You may also use Paypal.

Am I able to pay a deposit and a balance?

While it is easier to have payment on ordering your album, we understand that sometimes it can be easier for you make part payments. Therefore, I can start to process your order with a 33% deposit, and you can pay the balance in two further payments. We will email you when your album has been completed to arrange a final payment before delivery. This arrangement can best be handled by direct bank transfer or making a credit card payment by phone.

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