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Inspirational Quotes for Children

Our blank white or black sleeves are designed to be used with our Labels, Quotes and Memory Prompts. Choose a label for each sleeve (for example I captured my kids' story by their school year), then on the back of each sleeve or display page, place your chosen memory prompts and fill in responses either for or with your child using the permanent marking pen provided. Remember the sleeves and display pages are plastic coated, so it is important to use a permanent marking pen. If you make a mistake, simply wipe off with a bit of nail polish remover or methylated spirits. 

There are more than 250 labels, quotes and memory prompts to choose from, covering all ages from 0 to 18. The prompts have been created to capture what activities your child likes and enjoyed doing each year, as well as their teachers, friends and family. I have made them age-appropriate, which means you can choose the more mature prompts as your child becomes a teenager and approaches the end of their schooling. The inspirational quotes for children aim to instill values that are important to your family. There are plenty to choose from. I'm sure some of these will stick with your child throughout their adult life.

It is important to be a little selective when choosing which prompts to use. Really try to find something you child likes to do or is good at and reinforce this over time in a gentle, balanced way. I would usually pick just one quote that my child liked or could relate to each year and would find a photo to reinforce the value in the quote. Doing this once a year, each year, will mean that over time you will have captured all of their memorable experiences and achievements. Even small achievement like winning a student of the week award can be celebrated, helping you to reinforce their positive behaviours early on. Kids really need to know at least one thing they are good at!

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