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Album with Ready-made Cover & Pre-Printed Sleeves


Our Starting School Album comes with black and white pre-printed sleeves/pockets to keep school memorabilia and teach values in an age-appropriate way.  Each sleeve comes with an age-appropriate image and quote, with different images for girls and boys. There are memory prompts on the back of each sleeve, as well as places to write your own words of inspiration. These albums are best compiled as your child progresses through their school years, so would make a great starting school gift. A signature pocket at the back of the album can be removed and taken to school on the last day for friends to sign and write farewell messages.

  • Boy
  • Girl
  • My Story (Memories)
  • My School MemoriesMy School Memories
  • My Story (Baby Feet on White Background)
  • My Story (Baby Feet on Black Background)
  • My School Memories (large stick figures on white background)
  • My School Memories (large stick figures on black background)
  • Special Memories (black stripe on white background)
  • Special Memories (white stripe on black background)